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A. Graf (1992).

Color cyclopedia of garden flora in all climates worldwide and exotic plants indoors. Photographed in gardens, botanical collections and Arboreta, or in habitat around the world. Appended by a concise descriptive text, giving family, origin, synonyms if any, vernacular or common names, character with measurements and usefulness. 8,100 color photos, colored world map on front endpapers. 2 uncolored maps. Includes 512 pages of cacti and other succulents. Also: Aizoaceae p. 43-49; Agavaceae p. 55-59; Aloe p. 567-573; Asclepiadaceae p. 145-155; Cactaceae p. 238-286; Crassulaceae p. 361-378; Haworthia/Gasteria p. 596-597. All plants have been assigned their zone of cold-hardiness, or range of optimum climatic tolerance, as a guide to suitable placement in garden planting. Colder climates, while also including the best of warm-climate subjects, in the interest of comprehensive coverage of plants as grown in horticulture worldwide. 1,218 pages. 8-1/2” x 11”, hardbound with color dustjacket. Originally sold for $249.00. Our special price is only ………(#94190)……$125.00

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