Applied Knowledge Test for the MRCGP, fourth edition : Questions and Answers for the AKT

Applied Knowledge Test for the MRCGP, fourth edition : Questions and Answers for the AKT


new edition now contains over 500 questions which comprehensively cover the curriculum
and use single best answer, extended matching questions, rank ordering, picture format,
algorithm completion and the recently introduced 'complete the gap' question
types. The newly added questions cover important topics such as:
management of low back pain

contraception and pregnancy

the new fit notes

diagnosis and management of people with skin problems

acute eye problems

management of osteoporosis

and answers have been comprehensively updated to reflect changes in management
of clinical and administrative areas, with references and weblinks updated
throughout. This new edition features even more questions in every format:

400 extended matching, single best answer questions, rank ordering and free
text completion

88 algorithm completion questions

52 picture questions, with all photographs presented in full colour

book has been favourably reviewed by trainees, trainers and programme directors
alike and
is on the recommended reading lists of a number of VTS schemes. It is essential
reading for
candidates preparing for the AKT and also for training practices and libraries.
It has been used
by trainers to plan teaching sessions and tutorials and by established GPs to
help them with
appraisal and revalidation.

From reviews of previous editions:

had my AKT results and they were well above the average... This book is clearly
laid out and I feel acts as a good supplement to online revision and fills in the
gaps online revision can leave."

is a good road testing for those who face into the AKT... the questions are clear
and easily understood. The picture quality is excellent. The answers are informative
and provide useful revision..."

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